mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

lacrimablues - v.a. essential mississippi blues - 2012

Disc 1
01. Gettting Old And Grey- Howlin Wolf
02. Hand In Hand- Elmore James
03. Aini t No Tellin -Missippi John Hurt
04. Peach Orchard Blues- Joe Williams
05. Black Spider Blues- Robert Jr. Lockwood
06. Stack O Lee- Mississippi John Hurt
07. Last Time Blues- Charlie McCoy
08. Ninety Nine Blues- Joe Reynolds
09. Rampaw Street Blues-Willie Blackwell
10. Devil In The Lion s Den-Sam Collins
11. Travelling Mama Blues-Joe Callicott
12. Muddy Water Blues- Freddie Spruell
13. Levee Camp Blues- Son House
14. Dough Roller Blues- Garfield Akers
15. Two Time Blues- Arthur Petties
16. Last Kind Word Blues-Geechie Wiley
17. Frigidaire Blues- Sonny Boy Williamson
18. Gone Dead Train- Solomon Hill
19. Spoonful Blues- Charley Patton
20. Bed Spring Poker- Mississippi Sheiks
21. Little Rock Blues- Pearl Dickson
22. Diamond Joe- Big Charlie Butler
23. Times Has Done- King Solomon Hill
24. Motherless And Fatherles-C McCoy
25. It s Hard Time- Joe Stone

Disc 2
01. Freight Train Blues- Fred McDowell
02. Blue Harvest Blues- John Hurt
03. Jumpin Shoutin Blues-Garfield Akers
04. That Won t Do- Arthur Petties
05. Baltimore Blues- Charlie McCoy
06. She s Young & Wild- Will Blackwell
07. Going Move To Alabama-Charlie Patton
08. Down On My Bended Knee- King Solomon Hill
09. Sitting On Top – Mississippi Sheiks
10. Don t Cry- Freddie Spruell
11. The Jail House Blues- Sam Collins
12. Skinny Leg Blues- Geechie Wiley
13. Twelve Pound Daddy- Pearl Dickson
14. Scolded And Drove Me-Miss Bracey
15. Avalon Blues- Mississippi John Hurt
16. Shake Em On Down- Fred McDowell
17. Down South Blues- Arthur Petties
18. Happy Home Blues- Mississippi Matilda
19. Look Who s -Joe McCoy
20. Preaching – Mississippi John Hurt
21. Whoopee Blues- King Solomon Hill
22. Cherry Ball- Mississippi Bracey
23. Machine Gun Blues-Willie Blackwell
24. Low Down Mississippi – Freddie Spruell
25. Fare Thee Well Blues- Joe Callicott

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